"The child's first relationship, the one with the mother, acts as a template...[it] permanently moulds the individual capicity to enter into all later emotional relationships"

- Alan Schore


In keeping with the ethos of the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) our central aim is to raise awareness and promote mental health and emotional wellbeing of all infants living in Northern Ireland. .

In line with the current NI strategy "Our children and Young People, Our Pledge (OFMDFM 2006-2016); we aim to support parents, families and communities in raising their children. This is best achieved through enhancing the theorectical understanding, skills and development of staff and volunteers within the community, private, statutory and voluntary agencies."

We aim to share knowledge; skills and practice within the area of Infant Mental Health and to promote evidence informed services which support families within their communities.

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AIMH(NI) as a body, networks with like minded associations within Ireland, UK and internationally to share practice, development and research.

Membership Provides:

• Email group which carries details of events, research and relevant papers.

• Free or reduced rate access to AIMH(NI) events and conferences.

• Oppurtunity to join with practitioners in open discussion forum.

• Invitation to association AGM.

Membership Costs: £20pa

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Payment should be made to:

The treasurer



9 Lower Cresent

Belfast, BT7 1NR