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The Association champions the vision: That Northern Ireland is the best place in the world to come into the world.

• A place to be born, where there is respect for, and the competence to respond to, the need of each individual parent and child.

• Where in turn, the nurturing of the infant/parent relationship is recognised as the best possible way to positively influence and nurture the wellbeing of all our people. That support for infants and their primary carers is the best possible intervention to help develop a healthier, more intelligent, more resilient and compassionate society.

• That inherent in the inalienable right to life, is the right to early and robust support which aims to ensure emotional wellbeing and the development of good infant mental health.

• That support for parents, particulary the mother, as the primary carers for the infant, can nurture the security of emotional attachment in the infant that then acts as the template for all future relationships.

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"Infant Mental Health must be given an appropriate place in the core business of all our services. Careful attention to nurture and develop the internal emotional world of infants and parents is crucial, if we are to diffuse and eventually eradicate the toxic emotional factors "taken in" and transmitted across generations of NI infants."

Dr. Angela O' Rawe - AIMH(NI) Launch, November 2009